Robotic Plants
Flashy Glasses
Olympic Torch
Hero's Engine
Curvy Bookcase
Terra Preta
Here are a few things I've made. I'm just beginning to document everything. Projects without links don't have a page yet, but will soon.

Flashy Glasses -- Flashing white light through closed eyelids elicits geometric visual hallucination.

Amplifier -- A high efficiency, high quality open source amplifier for embedded applications

Hero's Engine -- A simple steam engine based on ancient egyptian design

Curvy Bookcase -- Looks good, needs no bookends!

Robotic Plants -- Biomimetic solar BEAM bots charge batteries during the day and light up at night

Bumblebot -- A type of steerable vibrobot that reacts to its environment

Nightmare Machine -- Plays lullabyes as it creeps along using a novel linkage to convert rotary motion to a walking gait

Giant Planters for Terra Preta -- Part of Mechabolic, an alternative energy art and educational project I helped build at the Shipyard in Berkeley

Olympic Torch -- I didn't make this one. I just took it apart, and posted my friends' pictures, because the internet wants to know.

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