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Audio Amp for Embedded Applications
This is an amplifier I designed. It's extremely efficient, about the size of a business card, loud, and has excellent sound quality. Tripath, the maker of the chip, developed quite a good reputation with the high-end audio crowd for their "T amps" (really an improved kind of class D).

I designed this one for easy integration with microcontroller projects. It can be powered on or off through a pin input, and reports clipping through another pin. It runs on 12vdc but has a 5vdc output so other boards can run off the same supply. It pairs nicely with the Daisy MP3 player. It can also be used to make a nice stand-alone home stereo amp.

Unfortunately, Tripath has gone out of business and it is now difficult to source these chips. Cirrus Logic bought the rights to the technology, and may offer them in the future, but I'm looking at other manufacturers' offerings instead.

In the mean time I'm publishing the schematic and board file under a Creative Commons license in case they're of use to anyone. You'll need Eagle to view these files.

Creative Commons License
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