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Olympic Torch
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Terra Preta
Olympic Torch Teardown!
December 13, 2009 -- I disassembled a 2008 Olympic torch! Here are some pics and technical notes.

Terra Preta Planter Photos Added
June 4, 2008 -- New project page is up for Terra Preta Planters.

Nightmare Machine, Robotic Plant Life
May 13, 2008 -- Pages with pics and one video are up for Robotic Plants and Nightmare Machine. Links to some stuff I like are posted, naurally enough, on the "Likey" page. More videos and how-to postings are coming.

New Project Pages Are Up
May 8, 2008 -- Pages are up for Flashy Glasses, Amp, Curvy Bookcase, and Hero's engine. Nightmare Machine, Bumblebot, and Robotic Plant life are coming soon, then more schematics and videos.

Site Overhaul
May 6, 2008 -- I'll be making major updates to the site over the course of the next week or so, including documenting all the projects I showed at Maker Faire.
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